Remember names for good
Bad with names?
Nameorize for iPhone helps you remember the names of new people you meet.
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Add New Names
Add names as soon as you meet new people.
Detail distinct features you recognize about them that will later help you recall their name, e.g. looks, work place, meeting location, the person who introduced you.
Editing a Contact
Be Reminded
Nameorize will remind you of new names at scientifically researched intervals:
10 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours, 5 days and 2 weeks after you met a new person.
Get name reminders
Recall Names
When you need a quick hint about a person’s name simply look them up using details you do remember about them: e.g. where you met? who introduced you? how they look? etc.
Editing a Contact
Get Organized
Manage your growing list of names by grouping them into categories such as Friends, Collegues, Dating, School & Family.
Group contacts by categories
Backup your list of names
Backup / Export
All your hard earned contacts
can be exported to file via email
and imported into another device
Configure your name reminders
Select which type of reminders
you would like to receive, or
turn off reminders completely.